Talk Topics


Here are some killer Phoner (Talk Topic) Ideas that will get your audience talking to you!


To help with content for your show, we have come up with 50 Fail proof Talk Topics that are tried and tested. 

Just remember though that all Talk Topics need to to be set up with context. Use a personal story or feature article from the News to assist with this. 

1.     Dogs: should they sleep inside or outside?

2.    Is chivalry dead?

3.   Did you have a nick name for your unborn child?

4.   Is it true that blokes have morning sickness too?

5.   Is the man flu a real thing?

6.  Weird food combinations — what have you got?

7.   Do you use the neighbour’s bin if yours is full?

8.   What toys do you have from your childhood?

9.   What’s the biggest thing you have re-gifted?

10.   To op-shop or not? (Some people never go near an op shop.)

11.   Real coffee V's Instant Coffee?

12.   What have you claimed from someone’s hard rubbish?

13.   Do you know someone who irons everything, including underpants?

14.   How often do you wash your jeans? (You’ll be surprised by people’s response to this one.)

15.   Am I the only one who puts red wine in the fridge? (Can I find anyone else that does this?)

16.   Which TV show would you like to see return?

17.   How many mobile phones have you had over the years? (Go on the hunt to find the person who’s had the most.)

18.   Do you have any dinner disaster stories?

19.   DIY jobs gone wrong? Everyone has a story.

20.   What is your go-to sneak food? (A food you eat that no one else knows about?)

21.   How much money did you spend on your wedding? (Go on the hunt for the cheapest wedding.)

22.   What’s your 15 minutes of fame?

23.   Have you ever written to someone famous and got a response?

24.   Have you even written a complaint letter? What was the end result?

25.   What topic can’t you talk about? Everyone has that taboo subject.

26.   How close do the in-laws live to you?

27.   What’s your favorite holiday destination?

28.   How early is too early to put up Christmas decorations?

29.   How late have you left it to take Christmas decorations down?

30.   Car idiosyncrasies: what weird stuff does your car do?

31.   When have you had an encounter with wildlife?

32.   Have you ever held a funeral for a pet?

33.   What TV show have you binge-watched on Netflix?

34.   Which words you are under confident in saying?

35.   How far back have you traced your family tree?

36.   Which things did you do for money as a kid?

37.   Which strange things has your dog eaten?

38.   Do you buy your pet Christmas or birthday presents?

39.   Are the army or boot camps the solution for straightening up unruly youths?

40.   What stories were you told when you were younger that you believed?

41.   What did you learn at school that you have never used in life?

42.   Best smoothie combinations? Did you invent one? What did you call it?

43.   What’s the oldest thing in your fridge or cupboard?

44.   What do you have in your kitchen that’s unfamiliar?

45. What’s the oldest thing in your fridge or pantry?

46.   What have you done to raise money?

47.   Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

48.   Have you ever been on TV?

49.   What have you bought off the TV that’s been a dud? 

50.   What have you bought on eBay or Buy, Swap, Sell for a steal?offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

TSL Competition Ideas

3 Thirty Theme Train

It's in oldie but it's a ripper that still works!

This concept I had a lot of success with in the Melbourne market.

I would Play 3 songs in a row at 3:30pm just as the kids would break for School. The idea was they had to guess to theme that ran through all 3 songs. 

This was a Bench mark for the kids that got in the car and their mums to set their clock by. I used to have calls coming into that station asking what the first song was because they had missed it and wanted to work out the theme.

You can be clever throughout the theme and get some wrong guesses to air to entice the listeners to call in. There is nothing more frustrating to a listener than knowing the answer and hearing someone else get it wrong.

Here is an example:

Coldplay – Yellow

Prince – Little red Corvette

Aqua – Barbie Girl

Answer = Colors

Mingo (Musical Bingo)


This is a great station focused concept that works well right across the work day.

At the stations website everyday will be a different Bingo Card with various songs.

4 songs down & 4 songs across = 16 Boxes

The songs that will drop throughout the day will drop in order of the Mingo Card either across, diagonal or backwards . We might play one in the 9am hour, followed by 2 in the 10am hour leaving the last song to drop sometime before the 4pm news.

The tactic of this concept is to keep your listeners close to the radio for most of the day to increase your TSL.

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