Dad’s World – The Ultimate Tool Box for Dads


Being a dad is one of the toughest jobs you will find yourself navigating your way through. Daily you find yourself in the trenches trying to pacify the war that seems to be going on around you. Everyone wants piece of you – Your boss wants you to meet that deadline so he can line his pockets with cash, your kids want to make a withdrawal from the Bank of D.A.D, your wife wants to spend time with you and your mates have beers and the game lined up Friday Night and want you there. Throw in financial issues, behavioral problems with the kids and telemarketers that don’t take No for an answer you have yourself a full roster of events.


The Dad’s World Pod Cast is designed to help everyday dads get through life with advice from dads just like you and me who may have walked the path that you seem to be stuck on at the moment. Blokes in general have and issue with talking about feelings… That stops NOW!

You got to talk about it fellas or life isn’t going to get any better!

It’s my hope that you get something out of this Podcast – That little Gold nugget you have been looking for to help you become a better dad!

Leroy Brown