Air Heads - The Podcast

If you are looking to get into radio and you want some motivation then make sure you check out the Air heads Pod Cast! You'll hear stories from some of the industries finest that have walked the journey you are just starting.

I'm also hearing from a lot of people that have been in the industry for a while. Chances are if that's you you'll probably get a mention on this podcast from someone, somewhere.

Pod Cast Season 1: Takeaways

Al Shield - Triple M, Gold Coast


"Don't ever get dismayed! You are going to get a  lot of knock backs - Keep working hard! Get in People's faces. Work out where you want to go and get in touch with the right people. "

Hayden Miller - Bay FM, Geelong


"Be the Moon! Don't be the star, don't be the sun and radiate all that light! Be the Moon - The moon is like one big mirror. Reflect back what your listeners and community are saying too you and you'll go far."

Pete Davidson - Capital Radio Network


"Make the first 10 seconds of your air check count. You need to get my attention from the Get Go! What are you doing that is setting you apart from the rest?"

Anthony Maroon - Triple M, Sydney.


"Send your applications to the smaller stations, get yourself a job! Learn your trade, get your start and go from there." 

Jayban Ryan - 2DAY FM Sydney.


"Don't take Air checks personally - Take notes and listen to what they are telling you! You're Content Director is there to improve your game and take it to the next level."

Mike Byrne - Triple M Newcastle.


"For young Programmers - Consult widely, The more questions you ask , mentors you surround yourself with the better off you are going to be. Programming now is really all about talent management."

More Season 1: Takeaways

Fyona Smith - AFTRS


"Learn from the best! Listen to what people are doing in the industry, Get in touch with them and ask them to mentor you. Learn from the worst! You'll see things happen along the way you know is not quite right! Learn from it."

Jason "Snowy" Carter (Former Mix 102.3 Adelaide)

Jason Snowy Carter

"Understand and appreciate how lucky you are to have a job in radio."

"When you get to create content that makes someones hair stand on end, appreciate the role you have played in that."

Steve Hart - Ch 10 Sydney


"Everybody should have a read of the kids book - Oh! the places you will go by  Dr. Seuss. It teaches you about adventure about who knows what's around the corner if you dare to dream if you dare to have a go."

Paul "Chicken" Dyer (Former K-Rock Breakfast)


"You have to have a thick skin. If you can't take criticism, you can't hold an argument and you can't back yourself most of all - Well you are probably in the wrong game." 

Melissa Tracina (Nova 100 - Melbourne)


"If there is one thing I have learned about radio it's be connected, make connections. Build friendships in the industry and see where it takes you."

Sean Craig Murphy (Triple M - Adelaide)


"Every time you play a song on a radio station you are playing someone's favorite song! It's the old show biz Adage - You should treat every performance like it's the first time you have performed. Songs are the same."